Dead Milkmen

“The King In Yellow (Black)”

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    Ever since 1985 I haven’t been able to say Camero without calling it a “Bitchin’ Camero”. Philadelphia’s favorite sons, The Dead Milkmen are to thank for that. I am also prone to singing “Punk Rock Girl” anytime I see, well, a punk rock girl. It’s obnoxious, but again the Dead Milkmen are to thank for that. Truth is that the Dead Milkmen are far more than just a collection of silly songs. They managed to record some real low fi classics that should be any college students required listening upon admission. They are indeed college rock staples and sound every bit as fresh and quirky as they did in the mid 80’s. They carved out some timeless music with wit and humor that never seems to never get old. I could not be more happy than to have been given the green light on my Sharpie version of Dean Sabatino’s classic cow logo. I can not improve upon the original, but I am honored to get my crack at it. Hopefully you’ll be able to turn a few heads at the next show you attend wearing this sweet garment. -Chris Shary