“(a) Senile Aminal”

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  • Release # BFLD292
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    Ahh… the ultra rare/elusive “Aminal” design. In my quest to find information on the origin of this beast, I’ve uncovered two cryptic bits of text from the hand of Mr. Hazelmyer himself. They read as follows:

    “Linocut plate from the upcoming book “Lumpen, The Saddest Walrus” a children’s guide to German expressionist humor”.

    “What do you do with 90 mis-pressed blue splatter copies of a Melvin’s classic? You make lemonade, and as Curley says VIOLA! In the works is this gatefold, silk screened, with tipped in block prints, art edition of… (a) Senile Aminal.  Those continually upset by small run, expensive hand made editions that sell out instantly, just walk away. This ain’t for you! It’s the first time I’ve recycled some imagery but it was too perfect for this title not to.”


    LIMITED TO 300. Printed on Canvas soft spun cotton raglan shirts.