“Lice-All Hoodie Too”

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    Here we have Thomas Hazelmyer’s take on the cover of The Melvins 4th studio album. The original cover painting for this record features another “take” on a sculpture from 1908. Couple this recycling of subject matter with this album’s storied title and legal history, and you’ve got a podcast waiting to happen… or not. Either way this is a killer record and a pretty great shirt design.

    Every time we offer this one it sells out in a jiffy and we get quite a few requests asking for more. I wanted a version with the horse skeleton on the front and Thomas wanted a red version of the art. Now we’re all happy…Tom, Me, and 100 other folks. Enjoy! -Charles/ Bifocal Media 

    LIMITED TO 100. S-2XL Printed on Bella Canvas heavy premium soft cotton hoodies. 3X and 4X printed on Gildan Heavy Cotton Hoodies.