“Black Wings One (Colors)”

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  • Release # BFLD352C
  • Limited to 150
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    Along the dark deep lines that lead to your own drool-encrusted subconscious dome, sits the blazing burning hole of discovery where Oxbow once left their fork burn on your vitalic form and surely left your gaping maw gasping for precious context once their musical offerings left you frantically scrawling primitive cave drawings of Id ripping it’s own A-Hole for all to see. And still…Are You Not Entertained?

    Damn this band is great and it’s a true opportunity to be able to present it into this carnal creation. Oxbow’s evolving sound has somehow become even more refined and crucial over the past decade and the collective devotion to vision is one to eternally respect. As always, it’s a limited thing so you know what to do. -Jay Holmes

    LIMITED TO 150. Printed on Canvas Soft Cotton Tees. Ladies tees run small.