The F.U.’s

“Kiss Me Andromeda”

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    The F.U.’s were an infamous Boston area band who came out in the early eighties during the city’s wave of punk rock/hardcore (along with the likes of SSD and Jerry’s Kids). They released a slew of albums before changing their name and direction to the Straw Dogs in the latter part of the decade. This band seemed smarter than some of the folks in their orbit and they had a good sense of humor. They didn’t suffer fools gladly and annoyed certain people who couldn’t take sarcasm very well. Lyrically, they pulled no punches, and musically I would say their third album “Do We Really Want To Hurt You?” Is their best.

    Flash forward almost forty years: The members of the band are still alive! They reformed a while ago and have been putting out recent material… and guess what? It’s good, and they haven’t lost a step. Singer Jon Sox sounds more melodic than ever; the music rules, and the lyrics are still good! So I asked Charles if we could do an F.U.’s shirt based on my favorite of their newer songs and this is it!

    We all apologize for the lack of “eighties Boston hardcore” graphics in this shirt but this is where it’s at now, kids. And adults! Buy this shirt and support the F.U.’s now! Many thanks to out to John and Charles for letting this happen. –Brian Walsby

    LIMITED TO 50. Printed on BellaCanvas soft cotton tees. LADIES’ SIZES RUN REALLY SMALL SO CHECK THE SIZE CHART.