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    This one was pretty exciting for me as I’ve been a huge fan of the DESCENDENTS since I was a kid. I first met and hung out with them when they played/stayed in Raleigh in the 80s. I met up with with them several other times when I was a “roadie” for COC. My favorite interaction with the DESCENDENTS would have to be the time in LA when I went to see them and Milo was late. Somehow, it was decided that the band would start their set without Milo and I would fill in on vocals until he arrived. I sang 5 or 6 songs before he showed up. Of course I drew a rather in depth comic about this which was published in MANCHILD 2. After several sketches and ideas, we came up with this design of the DESCENDENTS as superheros. I hope the folks who snag one enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoyed creating it. -Brian Walsby

    Limited to 300.