Mike Watt

“Preferred Blue and Green”

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    Here we have yet another tee featuring our buddy and muse: Mike Watt. It’s impossible for me to articulate how much Mike’s approach to music means to me. If you’re checking this shirt out, you already know all about this guy and what he’s contributed to the world of beautifully damaged music. Jay Holmes and I first experienced Mike in person when we drove our 17 year old bodies to the Cat’s Cradle to see Firehose in 1992. Jay, Brad, and I started Bifocal Media a few years after that and it’s hard to believe we’re lucky enough to be working with Mr. Watt on these shirts 20 years later. This one features an original painting by Jay. Here’s what he had to say about Mike Watt:

    “A host of verbiage spews to mind when the name Mike Watt comes up. Bass?…Check. Jams? …Check. But it all deserves to get boiled down to the essence of beyond and sometimes that’s where the mind travels. To some semi-secret bastion of independence that is widely available and open for any pilgrim’s interpretation. Whether it’s night or day….it’s still stated as boldly as ever… “ON BASS, WATT.” And at the end of that electric ride… it’s all art, and I’m stoked to present this new shirt design honoring that spirit of Watt…for the bass, for the art…for the beyond”. -Jay Holmes

    LIMITED TO 300.¬†Printed on Bella Canvas Soft Spun Cotton Apparel. LADIES’ SIZES RUN REALLY SMALL. Check the size chart.¬†