Ill Repute

“Land Of No Toilets”

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  • Release # BFLD412
  • Limited to 300
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    Ill Repute loomed large in my post high school/young adult years. They took my band (Scared Straight) on tour decades ago, and I’ve listened to their “What Happens Next” mini album (from 1984) millions of times. I still know every drum lick, riff, and lyric. Tony Cortez of Ill Repute was nice enough to share a post about my Rich Kids on LSD T-shirt the other day and that got me thinking: “We have yet to do an Ill Repute Tee”. I reached out to both Tony and Charles (From Bifocal Media) about the idea and they were both into it.

    This illustration has nods to the infamous NARDCORE cover I drew decades ago as well as referencing the bands first seven inch. I forgot what the toilet joke was about but here it is anyways! People in “Nardcoreland” are fiercely loyal, so hopefully people will dig it. I had some good times with Tony, John, Jim and Carl back then. -Brian Walsby

    LIMITED TO 300. Printed on BellaCanvas soft spun cotton tees. LADIES’ SIZES RUN REALLY SMALL, so check the size chart on those.