“Exile Etiquette”

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    In the 90’s things were changing fast…new sounds were seeping into punk and hardcore playlists and mixtapes were still being exchanged (or burnt cd’s I suppose by that time). Zines and festivals were still thriving and were prime examples of grassroots community. Looking back on it all, the amount of bands that one could see in one day alone was staggering and the amount of new people and friends that were made was incredible. I had a friend from Buffalo NY who was a little bit older than me and my friends and he was always playing some cool music and exposing us to stuff that he had heard or bands that he loved from NY. Snapcase was one of those bands who really stood out to us.

    Their musical and lyrical approach was rather off-kilter; especially with how their guitars were minimal yet bringing in some very (almost post-punk vibes). Then to see how they grew into a huge musical force that blended truly cinematic artistic musical textures with powerful new ideas really pushed “hardcore” into new territory and it was something special to behold.

    I wanted this artwork to not just reflect that sense of change during the 90’s, but also that sense of hope and peace that seems so out of reach in these troubled times. Yea…i know I draw a lot of skulls and splattered brains and stuff….but that was never this band’s thing…they are reaching far beyond the dirt and I still get a thrill from their entire musical output. –Evil Jay, Tokyo

    Snapcase is donating their royalties from the sale of this shirt to The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention

    LIMITED TO 300. Printed on Canvas soft cotton tees. Ladies tees printed in Bella Canvas “Favorite Tees”. Ladies’ sizes run small.