Career Suicide

“Parow Deralta”

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    Toronto Canada’s Career Suicide has been playing, touring, and recording since 2001. It wasn’t until the recent release of their “Machine Response” LP that I (by chance) became aware of these guys. Considering how intensely they shred, my ignorance to their existence is somewhat criminal. Within 15 minutes of my first listen to “Machine Response” I began tracking down contact information for the band. As it turns out, they were aware of our little t-shirt project and were fans of Brian Walsby’s art.

    While tossing around ideas for a shirt concept, the band kept coming back to 80’s imagery… hardcore, thrash, skateboarding, malls… It seems logical that we ended up with this parody of a legendary skateboarding company and team’s logo [If you have to ask, it’s not worth telling]. We hope you enjoy wearing this one as much as we enjoyed creating it!  -Charles Cardello

    LIMITED TO 300. Ladies’ shirts are printed on Bella Favorite Ts. Ladies’ sizes run small!