Helms Alee


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    I met Helms Alee when they opened for an entire Melvins tour that I was on. This trio struck me as interesting and quite good from the get go. They are a hard band to pigeonhole. Are they metal? Well. not really. Are those some shoegazer parts in there too? Not really. Is there sort of a gloomy post-punk thing going on? Not Quite. What are they then? The only answer is that they are a very good band. As a group, they are also really close friends. They like each other! You honestly don’t see that all of the time in bands. After toying around with a few ideas inspired by the old Archie comic books. I stumbled upon this idea of the three of them sharing a milkshake. Charles helped flash this out into the shirt it is today. Nothing seems to sum up Helms Alee more than this shirt. You can almost see the three of them doing this. We hope you like this shirt and support Helms Alee. They’re a great band with a hard to define sound, and that totally works in their favor. Thanks. – Brian Walsby

    LIMITED TO 300.