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    I wish I could write some introduction about how I had been into the music of San Diego resident Rob Crow for years, that I have been a long time fan of his many bands and projects, and that I have been aware of his talent. The truth is, I was exposed to Rob via his band Heavy Vegetable by Kristin (Debockler) and I was bowled over with how great they were. That eventually led me to other projects Rob has recorded. It turns out that I even met Rob a few times while touring with the Melvins and never realized that either. Doh!

    Like every other time I hear something that I instantly like, I marvel at how rare that is these days for me as well as cursing myself for not knowing about it earlier. Better late than never. Rob is amazingly talented as both a writer and a singer. I am blown away by literally everything I’ve heard. From Thingy to Other Men to Pinback to his recent amazing cover songs on acoustic guitar released via bandcamp, and beyond. There has been virtually nothing I have heard by Rob that I haven’t liked. It’s pretty crazy.

    That is why this anarcho punk/Rudimentary Peni homage t-shirt with Rob’s face on it is being realized now. And oh yeah, he did a beautiful cover of a Rudi Peni song on that recent acoustic covers release. It all makes sense now! We hope you like the randomness of this Rob Crow t-shirt and you should really seek out all of his projects for an embarrassment of musical riches. Thanks! -Brian Walsby